Hi. I’m Dean, and I fucking love food.

All food.

I couldn’t tell you at what point I became obsessed, but over the last few years, my love for all things gastro has taken hold of me.

This blog isn’t some serious food page, in which I will question the mixtures of herbs used in dishes, or condemn a restaurant for not serving organic vegetables. This is about my love for eating a shit load of tasty food, preferably stacked sky high!

Greasy burgers topped with maple cured bacon, fresh pasta with feta & walnuts, straight up fried chicken, a protein rich Greek yogurt with fruit, or cakes made out of 6 layers of takeaways… I love it all. And not just food. You can’t stuff your face without having something to wash it all down with! Beers, whiskey, rum, wine; make sure that glass if topped up!

I hope to fill my blog full of massive recipes, huge food challenges & enough food porn to have made even Ghandi reconsider all his hunger strikes.

Enjoy my greediness.



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