Popcorn Pop-tart Sandwich


This sugary mess was the brain child of a need to get in the kitchen, without being in there all night! And having taken the whole of 4 minutes to make, this is going to be a short, picture filled post… which is handy, because some times I really can’t be fucked to write a lot.


A nice & easy shopping list for this one; Pop-tarts, (strawberry for me, chocolate for the missus), salted caramel popcorn & marshmallows.

Firstly, the marshmallows were melted. I tried doing this the same way I melt chocolate; in a bowl over boiling water, but this was taking to long. In fairness I probably only gave it a minute, but I was being impatient, so I put the marshmallows in the microwave to finish them off. Fun fact; marshmallows get fucking big in a microwave! Never knew this until now, so keep an eye on them if you use this method yourself.


Next the Pop-tarts were thrown in the toaster for a minute whilst I stirred the popcorn through the molten sugar that was the marshmallows.



This became stupidly sticky within seconds so I had to work quick. It had to be spooned onto a Pop-part at this point & I made quite a mess, but I got there in the end. Then the other Pop-tart went on top & it was all done.



This was a truly a fucking sticky mess to eat! And out of everything I’ve cooked before, this one might have actually been just too sweet for me. Not that I didn’t eat it all. That said, I’ll definitely be trying more Pop-tart sandwiches with lots of various fillings in the future.



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