Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oreo Stuffed Mini Mars Topped Cupcakes


This is just a quickie as I’ve been lazy-as with creating new posts! It really came about from being bored one Saturday afternoon a few months ago & deciding to see what I had in the kitchen that could be combined in a way that would appal & appeal & that same time.

Peanut butter & chocolate have always been a favourite combo of mine, so once I figured I had the ingredients to make these, I happily got to it!


The cake mix was whisked up with some added liquid vanilla extract, (absolute standard when it comes to using those cheap-arse packs, otherwise they’re just flavourless!), & then the choc chips mixed through that.

With the oven pre-heating, a small amount of the mixture was then poured into each cake case, enough to fill them just less then 1cm deep. I then grabbed an Oreo & smothered the top side of it in a really thick layer of peanut butter before dropping it gently into the cake case on top of the cake mixture. Then it’s finished simply by pouring more cake mix over the Oreo & PB. Easy as fuck.



Here they are, ready to go in the oven. Threw them little beauts in for however long the cake mix states, (usually only about 10mins with those pre-mix things).


And… voilà! Nice & golden; looking pretty fucking good so far if I do say so myself.

Once they’d cooled down, I melted down some of the choc chips I kept aside & spread that over the tops, and just to make sure they were SUPER shitty, I mean sickly, mini Mars Bars were wacked on top to finish.



Nothing left to do but to photograph for scientific reasons & then shove those sticky gorgeous little fuckers in my mouth!


By the way, here’s a picture of Toby who sat there the whole cook patient as fuck like this, hoping for some…



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