Deano’s Pissed-Pork-That’s-Displaced-From-Other-Pork


“Pulled pork is a method of cooking pork where what would otherwise be a tough cut of meat is cooked slowly at low temperatures, allowing the meat to become tender enough so that it can be “pulled”, or easily broken into individual pieces.”

Thanks Wiki, and that’s all the intro this one needs. You all know what it fucking is.

This is a sort of filler blog really, to show you how I make my personal version of the pulled beaut, know as the world famous Deano’s Pissed-Pork-That’s-Displaced-From-Other-Pork, ahead of some cooks I’ll be using this pulled pork in this weekend … and when I say famous, well, it’s not really, only to me… but it should be!

As we all know, PP (abbreviation to save the nation) is normally made using a decent shoulder cut, but this particular visit to the supermarket, they were all out. Quick look about the meat & butchers section & I ended up with a 1.5kg gammon joint with a nice bit of fat throughout. It’s all they had. There was no harm in giving it ago & after all, it’s still fucking pig meat! So I collect everything else as normal, head home & pack it all away for the evening ready for the morning; all except the gammon, which I soak in water over night to help clean & clear some of the salt from.

It’s important to make sure you get everything the night before because you need everything ready to go early in the morning. You don’t want to be leaving the house 7am on a Saturday morning because dickhead-you forgot the garlic.

Now I like to eat my dinner early on a Saturday, like 16:00; gives plenty of time to let your food go down before hitting the evening drinks. So when I’m making this, I will be up & in the kitchen just gone 06:30 to get this started.

Slower cook goes on, high setting. Straight off, smallest drizzle of oil, along with crushed garlic bulbs (you know how much you like) & chopped onions. After about 10mins I add the liquid. Now, for a more family-shitty-friendly option, you can just omit the alcohol from this completely & use a stock of your choice, but that’s not what this is about. Fill half way with a cider of your choice; I prefer to use bottled Magners. Let this start to warm up for another 10mins or so & this should bring you up to about 7am, (I find it handy to start on the hour). Throw in your pre-soaked gammon, plop the lid on & start drinking head back to bed to sleep off last nights hangover.


This is going to cook on high for about 7-8 hours, and obviously adjust times relative to your cookers output.


 I think this pic was about half way through; the fats breaking down & coming away from the meat. And the smell of the sweet warm cider & meaty pork starting to fill the kitchen is just fucking lovely.

Once you come up to the 8 hour mark, you’ll know this shit is done when you can poke it and the thing just falls apart. This point is were it gets hands on.

Setting aside some oven trays ready, take the pork out of the cooker & start straight away shredding it to pieces & throwing it all in the oven trays, nice & evenly.


Once it’s all shredded & you’ve stopped stuffing chunks into your face, take a handful of caster sugar & sprinkle all over the meat. It’s important you get the meat shredded & sugar coated whilst it still hot as possible to help the sugar start to break & melt into the meat. This for me is the most important part of this cook; fucking sweetness that comes from this once it’s finished is mouth-watering just writing about it.

Sugar done & a minute for it to melt in, time to add some more alcohol.



Jim Bean that bitch as much as you want; again you know how much you like. Which should always be a lot. And again, this sits for a minute or two after a good mix-up to soak it all in.

And then have a shot yourself for having such a god-tier cook-up!

And lastly, you need to add your sauces. I normally go for a liberal helping of 3 parts Cajun BBQ sauce, 1 part ketchup & a huge pouring of honey. Season up with any extra bits you may want, but really, this doesn’t need it. This is all about the punch from the booze & the sweetness of the sugar & sauces.

 Mix all that shit up. Make sure everything is coated & soaked in a big glorious mess.

Finally, the last step is to throw all this in a preheated oven, at about 200 degrees, for 8-10mins. This will warm everything up, caramelise & burn the sugar & reduce the wetness of the sloppy alcoholic sauce. Use these minutes to prepare your soft-as-fuck brioche buns with a huge helping of coleslaw in.

IMG_8504 IMG_8506

Until you’ve made this, you can’t imagine how fucking tasty those sugary burnt bits really are.

Bun up. Chow down.


Easily my favourite cook to do & easily one of the easiest! I don’t doubt there’s those out there saying “you can’t use a gammon joint for pulled pork!”, but honestly, it’s all I use for this slow cooked version, & the fucker comes out perfect every time!


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