Triple Meat Double Down & Poutine-Not-Really-Poutine


Why the fuck haven’t they released the amazing Double Down burger in the UK?! As a KFC fan, and a HUGE fried chicken fan in general… it’s just damn frustrating to see a burger that tasty looking & know I won’t be getting a bite of it any time soon.

I took it upon myself to contact KFC to ask the question directly, (no seriously, I did)…

“Love your food, especially the burgers, Fillet Tower is the best.

I would like to know why the Double Down isn’t coming to UK? It looks amazing! I have to resort to making them from burgers I purchase from your restaurant, taking apart & ‘rebuilding’ them as such… I only have to look at the pics to see it’s just not the same.

It’s my birthday on March 17th so I’d like to request you introduce it then to the UK as a present to myself, for which I would be most grateful!

I look forward to the confirmation; you have 2 weeks!”

Strangely enough, I don’t think this will lead to a UK release. Or even an response. But you know, least I tried. (If they do reply, I’ll be sure to update this blog).

So as I said in my email, I have to resort to cooking my own, which whilst not nearly the same, is still lots of fun. And of course if your doing the cooking, you can add all the extras you want. In this case, it was a pretty obvious choice the throw a bit of beef in there & turn this burger into the Triple Meat Double Down… the Meat Triple Down…  a big dirty burger!


This burger was due to be cooked whilst I had mates round, so in the honour of truly terrible food, I decided it was simply easier for me to buy frozen chicken burgers & wack them in the oven; one less thing to fry/grill. And honestly, I’ve always quite enjoyed this Birds Eye quarter pounders, they come out super crunchy every time


The beef; can’t go wrong with a couple of scotch beef quarter pounders. Big love for the fresh meat sold in Morrisons (supermarket over here in the UK), good value too.


Then we found these amazing strips of fuckery!! Applewood smoked pork belly steak that came along with a pack Jim Bean BBQ sauce to marinade them in. Awesome, fatty & thick. I’ve since used these a few times in place of bacon now; definitely a must try in a burger if you get a hold of them.




Customary meat-cooking pictures.

Now, while all this has been going on, I was also preparing a massive side plate of poutine. Having never made it before & lacking cream curds… and real gravy, it was evident this wouldn’t turn out to be a poutine worthy of ranting about. However, I do believe I can make the prefect homemade oven fries, so really, it turned out somewhere in middle!


Potatoes cut to shape, (not too thick, not to thin, 1.5cm x 1.5cm is the best I’ve found), then throw them into cold water with salt & drizzle of olive oil. Wack the hob to high & once the water starts to boil, give it less then another minute, take them off & drain. Its important to dry them out here; kitchen towels out & pat them fuckers nice & dry. The slight boiling should help ‘fluff’ up the insides & making sure their dry before hitting the oven ensures maximum oven crispness.


Once dried of the water, thrown ’em across a baking tray & carefully mix them up with a nice glug of olive oil, big pinch garlic salt & big pinch of dried herbs; into the oven @ 190C (mine’s a fan oven so adjust as you will). They should take about 35-40mins to come to perfection with a mix up halfway through the cooking.

Wait… did I just write an actual grown up recipe?!

Annnnywho, chicken burgers are cooked, burger & pork steaks are fried & the fries are golden as fuck. Only thing left now is to plate it up; ALWAYS the best part. Other then the eating of course.


The fries got piled up, with big fat gratings of cheddar across, before shit loads of thick beef stock gravy drown those potatory bastards.



And the burgers got stacked high; chicken, beef, cheddar, pork belly steaks & chicken.



Having already made a type of bunless burger before, my Krispy Kreme double cheeseburger, I was really looking forward to a full on meat-bunned (?) monster & this didn’t disappoint. Ended up lashing it with BBQ & ketchup sauce to finish off one hell of a burger.

And not to neglect my not-really-poutine side dish; awesome. Will definitely have to learn to make proper poutine next time I need a huge side to go with dinner/face stuffing.


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