Super Melted Cheese For The Missus


My missus isn’t the biggest fan of some of the shit I knock together. That said, she loved the double decker hawiian pizza. But last weekend she starting banging on about having a simply, classic, cheese toasty. Good shout if you ask me, haven’t had one for years!

BUT OF COURSE it couldn’t be just a simple toasty; cheddar just wasn’t going to cut it for this one.


Now to be honest, cheese isn’t my forte; I had to chat this one out with the wife & together decided on brie & mozzarella for this bad boy.


And then there was the bread selection. This is the make or break of the recipe for me, but really there was only one choice… fresh farmhouse loaf, cut thick as fuck!

That’s it really when it comes to the ingredients. Well, it is only a cheese toasty!

So first I stuck the thick cuts under the grill for literally a minute, just to give start the bread off.



After a minute of two, the bread comes back out & everything gets thrown on; all slices get a lashing of cranberries, then ALL the cheese got piled on between 2 of the slices…


mmm… cheeeeeeese….


Finally, it’s all stacked together & thrown back under the grill.

With such a stack of cheese in there I think it stayed under for about 5-6 mins, turned a couple of times to make sure there was a good even toast / melt; don’t need to be serving up no half toasted sandwich!

With the 5 mins up, shit got plated…


 Man, that was a tasty sandwich. The 2 cheeses just oozing out with the sharpness of the cranberries… fucking nice mouthful of early Christmas if you ask me!


I loved it, the missus loved, you’ll love it. So easy to make & such a tasty, comforting eat. Topped off with an ice cold glass of Coke… perfect!


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